Ascension 2015

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In May 2015, the Guyancourt Twinning Committee hosted an international event bringing together young people from Pegnitz (Germany)* and Slany (Czech Republic)**.  The event was funded by the European Union under the “Europe for Citizens” framework.

The event took place from the 14th to the 17th of May.  97 people travelled from Pegnitz and 26 from Slany.  In addition, 9 people from the Linlithgow music group Quern were invited to attend to provide entertainment over the weekend.

On the 15th of May, visitors were taken on cultural tours around Paris. The day ended with a special evening show dedicated to young people. On the 16th of May, the visitors spent time with French families and in the evening people from all 4 countries gathered to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Guyancourt-Pegnitz twinning relationship. Entertainment was provided by Bavarian dancers from Pegnitz, Quern from Linlithgow and  La Calibeurdaine (French musicians).

(*Pegnitz is twinned with Guyancourt and is situated in Bavaria in the south of Germany.  As a result of this relationship people there have been many reciprocal visits between Linlithgow and Pegnitz.)

(**Slany is twinned with Pegnitz and is in the Czech Republic.  Again, because of the relationship with Guyancourt there have been reciprocal twinning visits between Linlithgow and Slany.)

Former Linlithgow Twinning Chairman, Ian Donaldson, provided the following personal overview of the weekend:

In 1990, Guyancourt’s Mayor, Roland Nadaus, signed his second twinning charter in two years when Guyancourt linked to Pegnitz in Bavaria, as well as to Linlithgow in Scotland. Now twenty five years later, the biennial twinning visit from Pegnitz to Guyancourt over the weekend of Ascension 2015, celebrated this event and representatives of both Linlithgow and Slany ( a Czech town now also twinned with Pegnitz) were invited to take part. Over 130 visitors made their way to Guyancourt for the weekend and Linlithgow was represented by nine members of the local music group, Quern. Everything went to plan and the twenty fifth twinning anniversary was well and truly celebrated! On the Friday, Quern was given a guided tour, in English, of La Defense in Paris, an extraordinary modern development within the city, lunch in a restaurant in the Parc des Sceaux, followed by a tour in the park and chateau itself through the afternoon. On Saturday, Quern gave an hour long concert in a retirement home in Guyancourt, which was very well received.

Ascension Retirement Home Music

During the four nations Saturday evening soiree, Quern found themselves as the main entertainment, (along with a group of Bavarian dancers), by giving a 20min performance of Scottish music and song. After the meal came the usual dancing with Quern again playing for some ceilidh dancing and the Guyancourtois playing for some French Breton dances.

Ascension Evening

The evening function was again a great success culminating in the singing of the European anthem, Ode to Joy, in all four languages! Yet again, another fantastic twinning weekend enjoyed very much by Quern as Linlithgow’s representatives.