Guyancourt 2014

At Easter 2014 a group of 40 people travelled to Guyancourt to stay with host families over the Easter weekend.

The highlight of the weekend was a visit to the King’s Kitchen Garden in the grounds of Versailles Palace.  Our hosts gave us a tour of the gardens which combined information about the history of the gardens together with music and dance – all in period costumes.  It was very memorable.




On Sunday, one group visited a small picturesque village called Milly-La-Foret.  The village is known for the 2 things:

1.  The artist Jean Cocteau decorated the interior of the small chapel Saint Blaise.

Guyancourt April 2014 024Guyancourt April 2014 020

2. The avant garde sculpture in the forest known as Le Cyclop.  It is described as a monstrous, whimsical monument and is about 75 feet high.  The unusual sculpture took Swiss artist Jean Tinguely about 30 years to create. With the help of his wife and various friends  he created the piece out industrial debris – metal, concrete, ceramic mosaic, stones and mirrors. Visitors are invited to explore the complexity of the piece via a network of staircases and catwalks.

le cyclop sees you 1010 Le-Cyclop